Trustee Honors Scholarship - Application Opens January 3rd for Fall 2022 and August 15th for Spring 2023


  • In-district tuition and fees for fall and spring semesters for a student enrolled in at least 15 credit hours per semester
  • Must complete at least 30 credit hours at the end of the second semester with a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA for renewal for the next
    academic year.
  • Maximum of 60 credit hours.

The Triton College Electronic Scholarship Application is accessed through the student portal. Because you are not yet a Triton student, you have not been assigned access to the student portal. Once you complete a Triton College application, you may contact and request access to the portal in order to complete the scholarship application. In your email, please include your name and date of birth to ensure accurate assignment of username and password. You may then sign in to the Triton College Electronic Scholarship Application using your student portal username and password. You must also submit an official transcript of high school grades through the seventh semester to the Scholarship Office.


  • High school seniors who attend an in-district high school and reside in-district
  • High school seniors who attend an in-district high school and reside out-of-district
  • High school seniors who attended an out-of-district high school and reside in-district
  • Must rank in the top 10 percent of their graduation class or have a 3.35 GPA at the end of the seventh semester.
  • International students are not eligible for this scholarship
  • Students admitted to the Scholars Program who change their degree to a program not covered by the Scholars Program may, on a
    case-by-case basis, be eligible for the Trustee Honors Scholarship for the second year if they maintain the renewal criteria.

This scholarship will begin accepting applications on January 3rd. Please mark your calendars to apply during the specified application period.

In-district tuition and fees for fall, spring, and summer semesters, must be enrolled in 15 credit hours.
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please indicate when you will be graduating from high school:
  2. You have the option to either upload or mail in a 7th semester high school transcript. Please indicate the option you will choose and follow instructions from there. PLEASE NOTE -- your application will not be considered for an award until we receive your transcript.
  3. Please upload a high school 7th semester transcript (preferred formats: PDF, DOC, etc.)
  4. What is the name of the High School you are currently attending?