Triton College Student Association Dr. Quincy Martin III Diversity Excellence - Application December 1st for next Fall

SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: $1,500 per year – $750 may be applied for the fall and spring semesters


  • 2.5 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
  • Enrolled/registered as a full time student
  • Must assist and participate in diversity related initiatives for the campus community
  • Submit letter(s) of recommendation
  • An essay is required – topic is attached
  • To renew the scholarship for the spring semester the student must maintain their eligibility for the scholarship

This scholarship will begin accepting applications on December 1st for the Fall. Please mark your calendars to apply during the specified application period.

$1,500 per year
Supplemental Questions
  1. You must submit a response to the three diversity related questions below (response is not to exceed one typed page for each question). 1) What is your personal statement on diversity? 2) What experiences have you had related to the goals of diversity at Triton College? 3) What activities will you pursue while a student at Triton College that will add to the institution's commitment to diversity?
  2. Please upload a letter of recommendation.