Lou Ricchio Memorial Scholarship Fund/Triton College Foundation - Application Opens April 15th for Fall

SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: Up to $250 for tuition, books, and fees

BACKGROUND: The Lou Ricchio Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Lou Ricchio. Lou lived for sports. He played a variety of sports his whole life. He also loved to read and write about sports. In high school at Holy Cross and in college at Marquette University, he was a sports writer. He graduated college with a degree in journalism. When you would have a conversation with Lou it always included stats and info regarding athletes and teams. He was an avid supporter of all the Chicago sports teams. His spare time was always scheduled with golf and friends. I know he would be proud that a scholarship for athletes would be in his name.

GPA of 2.5 or above
• Full-time or part-time student
• Degree or certificate-seeking student
• Must be an athlete in baseball or wrestling

• Scholarship recipient must complete a service requirement in support of the activities of the Triton College Foundation
• Must be enrolled in the following semester after deadline for application

This scholarship will begin accepting applications on April 15th. Please mark your calendars to apply during the specified application period.